Rev Dr Mark Harris


Mark comes to us from St John’s College in Auckland, where he has been training people for ministry in the Anglican Church. Mark was born in Auckland and moved to the UK when he was nine, where he says “I grew up going to a lovely Anglican Church that managed to have both a robed choir and a guitar-based music group, enjoy the liturgy yet be open to the Holy Spirit’s gifts, and have solid biblical teaching while not being fundamentalist. I thought this was normal church!” He and his wife Katy met at a church in London where for many years they were involved with street ministry with the homeless and work with students, during which time he was worship pastor for the church. Whilst training for ordination he also did a doctorate in theology.  After ordination, he served his curacy in England before being called back to New Zealand with Katy and their three children, to serve the church here. Once here, he ministered in two West Auckland parishes and then took up the teaching post at St John’s. Now he is our Vicar here at Waikanae Anglican.

Phone: 04 904 3018