Life Midweek

To find out more information and who to contact regarding any of these activites please phone the church office, 04 9043018 or email using our contact page.

• Healing Rooms: Fridays 10am-12 at St Luke’s
• The Gathering (See Prayer Page)


• Mucky Pups Playgroup, Thursdays in Term time 9:30-11:30am St Michael’s Church
• Blooming Playgroup Tuesdays in Term time 2-3:30pm Parkwood Retirement Village


• Choral Evensong (Parish Choir) Monthly 3rd Sunday at St Michaels


• AAW (Association of Anglican Women) Monthly 2nd Wednesday 1:30pm St Michael’s
• Parish Men’s Group Monthly 3rd Monday 2:30pm St Luke’s
• Women’s Fellowship: Monthly last Monday June-August 1:30pm, Sept-May 7:30pm St Luke’s Chapel
• St Michael’s Ladies’ Guild Monthly 1st Monday 2pm, St Michaels
• Flipside Youth (Years 7&8) Fortnightly on Tuesdays, 5:50-7:30pm
• Youth Group Weekly Thursdays in Term time 6:30pm St Michael’s
• Tea Wagon Monthly 4th Wednesday 2pm
• Ignition Communtiy Monthly every 2nd Sunday 6pm St Michael’s
• Homegroups: There are multiple homegroups across the Parish, email the office for more information.
• Pop up groups: We often run pop-up groups at certain times of the year centred on different themes such as Prayer or Lent.


• Falls Prevention Group Weekly, Tuesday 10am, St Luke’s Hall


NZPB Holy Communion, Wednesday at St Michael’s
• NZPB Holy Communion, Thursday at St Luke’s, 10.30am